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Workers Compensation


What Should I Do If Injured At Work?


It is best to report the injury to the employer as soon as possible. You should also seek medical care as soon as possible. Absent the need to go to a hospital for emergency care the employer has a right to send you to a doctor or medical clinic of their choice.

When Should I Contact An Attorney?

Typically you do not need an attorney until the workers compensation carrier has denied benefits. However, it would be wise early on to contact us for some basic advice and to ask any questions you may have about your specific case. At the point that a dispute arises and workers compensation refuses benefits then you can hire us to pursue your workers compensation claim.

How Much Will An Attorney Charge To Handle My Claim?

Attorney Fees are controlled by Indiana Statute IC 22-3-1-4, and are as follows:


(1) A minimum of two hundred dollars ($200).
     (2) Twenty percent (20%) of the first fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) of recovery.
     (3) Fifteen percent (15%) of the recovery in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
     (4) Ten percent (10%) of the value of:
          (A) unpaid medical expenses;
          (B) out-of-pocket medical expenses; or
          (C) future medical expenses.

If My Injury Keeps Me From Working, How Much Should I Get Paid?


A wage benefit, or a benefit called Temporary Total Disability, is paid if the doctor takes you off work for your work injury or if the doctor indicates light duty work restrictions and your employer has no light duty work to offer you. This benefit should continue until the doctor indicates you can go back to your regular duty work, the doctor indicates you have reached medical stability or maximum medical improvement, or your employer offers light duty work within your doctor’s light duty restrictions. The benefit is two-thirds of your average weekly wage. 

What Are The Possible Benefits Workers Compensation Can Provide An Injured Worker?

Examples include; Medical Benefits, Temporary Total Disability, Temporary Partial Disability, Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, Death Benefits, and Vocational Rehab.


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